Kib’s Mc Donald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Experience

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 18, 2014

I have already heard of this workshop before, but it was too late for me to register Kib then.  This year, I have seen lots of posts about this summer event for kids as early as March so I didn’t waste time in checking that on Mc Donald’s website.  I checked the possible schedule at Mc Donald’s SM Taytay and good thing that there are still slots on its second week (March 31-April 4).  I immediately signed him up for the morning session.  I paid P595.00 for the workshop.  The fee includes the kit, the daily snacks, and even the fee for the grand graduation in World Trade Center.  For me, the fee is worth it.

The orientation for the workshop was set the weekend before the start of the workshop week.  There, we were informed about the expectations for the workshop and the do’s and the don’ts.  The kit was also distributed during the workshop.  The kit includes a messenger bag, a shirt, a cap, ID, apron, chef’s hat and fetcher’s ID. 

On the first day of the workshop, the kids were given a chance to assist in the counter.  Kib experienced putting sundae on the cone, greeting customers as they enter Mc Donald’s, punching orders on the POS machine, and giving out the orders of the customers.  They also practiced the workshop song, “Make It Happen”.   Having a competitive spirit, Kib won a Mc Donald’s toy during the review of what happened during the day.

DAY 1 Photos

Kib's Kiddie Crew workshop uniform

Teacher AL teaching them basic Mc Donald's work ethics

Now ready to serve!

Kib at the dessert counter

Trying to put sundae on the cup

Now it's Kib's turn to greet customers as they enter Mc Donalds...Welcome to Mc Donald's!

Kib punching out orders on POS machine

Kib being assisted by the manager in giving out the customer's orders...'Here's your order, enjoy your meal!'

Kib learning the song, 'Make It Happen'

Kib won a prize!

On the second day, Kib learned about the safety guidelines to observe in Mc Donald’s.  They also had a tour inside Mc Donald’s giant freezer.  They also painted their aprons which they will use when they make their cheeseburgers.  They also learned the Mc Donald’s dance.

DAY 2 Photos

On the way to the giant freezer. Parents are not allowed beyond the counter.

Kib painting his apron

Finished product

Kib learning the dance steps of the Ronald Mc Donald dance

On the third day, Kib learned bussing the tables.  I can hear Kib asking the customers courteously if they are done with their trays so he can pack them away. 

DAY 3 Photos

On the fourth day, Kib learned how to make a cheeseburger, but before the cheeseburger-making activity, Teacher AL asked them to write down what they have learned from the workshop. They also practiced the song and the dance that they will perform on graduation day.  Kib even volunteered to sing in graduation day so his teacher asked me to bring an accompaniment for his performance.

DAY 4 Photos

This is what Kib wrote on what he learned from the workshop

Now ready to make cheeseburger!

Reading the step-by-step process on making cheeseburger

They are now starting to put the ingredients one by one

Almost done! Last thing to do is to wrap the cheeseburger

Kib wrapping the cheeseburger

Ready to eat!

On the fifth day and graduation day, both the AM and PM sessions joined together.  There were games and the kids showcased what they have learned during the whole week.  Kib sang ‘Let It Go’ during the graduation party.  All participants were awarded with buttons and certificate of completion. 

DAY 5 Photos

Kib rendering a song, "Let It Go"

The AM class singing 'Make It Happen'


Kib showing his workshop certificate, buttons, and special lootbag from Mc Donald's

With Teacher AL

Photo op with Grimace

The whole experience was fun.  At an early age, the kids was given a chance on having a job and how it is to work with other people.  They were also taught good work ethics and values. What I also liked about the experience is that Kib made new friendships.  The mom of the kids was also fond of Kib that she even invited Kib on the birthday celebration of her son.  The kids had playdates even after the Kiddie Crew workshop. 

Kib's new friends, brothers Enzo and Ezra

These three met again during the pre-Easter activity of SM Taytay

Showing off their painted Easter eggs

Movie date!

If Kib still likes to attend Kiddie Crew workshop next year, I’ll let him do it again, but maybe on a different Mc Donald’s branch.  I want him to have an experience in the drive-thru area.

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  1. Hi Donna, I'm glad I saw you here! I believe you teach at RareJob too, right? How have you been? Your son looks so charming! Ida :)

    1. Hi Ida! You can add me up on Facebook! And yes, I'm connected with Rarejob =)