Balik-Bukid: A Fair to Remember

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 18, 2014

It was our first time to go to Sta. Elena Fun Farm. Since the Balik-Bukid event fell on Mother’s Day (May 11), travel from Cainta to Laguna was a breeze. It only took us 50 minutes to get there.  I chose to have this activity for Mother’s Day since I’ve heard a lot of things about Balik-Bukid and Sta. Elena Fun Farm.

It’s so easy to get to Sta. Elena Fun Farm. From SLEX, just take an exit at Cabuyao, after the toll gate turn right and in less than 500 meters you will see the entrance to Sta. Elena Estate.  Just follow the directions inside the estate until you reach Sta. Elena Fun Farm.  The whole estate has good security.  We were even assisted in looking for a parking space since this event is a much-awaited one.

Look how festive it was as you enter Sta. Elena Estate!

We were given these stickers upon entry at the Estate by the guards at the main entrance.  Sorry for being blurry.

It was a hot day so we’ve dressed ourselves comfortably. I let Kib wore long-sleeved cotton shirt to cover his arms from direct sunlight and to minimize dirt from his body.  Actually he doesn’t want to wear it because it’ll make his arms ‘warm’. He wore shorts and sneakers for the event.  We also bought lots of water, umbrella, extra shopping bags, extra clothes and slippers.

Welcome to Balik-Bukid!

The giant map of the area, just after the Balik-Bukid arch

When we got there, we have to register first before we can get in the activity area. Entrance is free but if we want to join other activities like horse-riding and arts and crafts activity, we have to pay P350.00.  I want Kib to have a wonderful experience at Balik-Bukid so I paid P350.00. As proof of payment, Kib was given a bracelet so that he can present it whenever he wants to join certain activities inside the farm.

As we passed thru the registration area, Kib immediately saw a big obstacle course and he wants to immediately try it.  I told him that we should walk around first before he does some activities. He saw a pen with ponies inside.  Kib wants to touch the ponies but then again, I told him that we will walk around first.  We passed by a message board and I let Kib wrote a Mother’s Day message there.

Where to go?

Kib writing his Mother's Day message on the message wall

His Mother's Day message

His other Mother's Day message

First activity that we did was to ride a boat in the man-made pond.  There were ducks walking around the farm freely.  It was also a first time for Kib to see a carabao up close and personal.  He tried fishing, but unfortunately, he didn’t catch any fish.

Before the boatman toured us around the mini-lake, he courteously took our picture at the dock

Ducks are roaming around the farm!

Kib's picture with the carabao.  I'm not sure if the carabao is smelly, lol

Too bad Kib didn't catch any fish =(

Next, we fed the rabbits and the guinea pigs.  He even tried touching the pigs.  Kib enjoyed his close encounter with farm animals!

The bunnies are much friendlier than the adult rabbits.

The guinea pigs are shy, you will be the one to approach them

Told Kib to get one guinea pig, I hope he didn't hurt the animal

His encounter with the rabbits made him miss his pet, Connie

Look! Even the rabbits can't stand the scorching heat! Taking a shade under the roof

The guinea pigs as well!

The pigs are not smelly!  They are just lying lazily on the sawdust

You can see the goats near the entrance

After going around the farm….it’s time to check out the shopping area!  There were lots of booths selling organic and hand-made products.  On the food booth area, there were lots of unique food products sold.  I collected flyers and business cards there for future reference.

The shopping area. This is a non-food area, further is the food area

We got thirsty and hungry from going around the place.  We bought cold juice for P35.00 and saved the cups we used so that we can avail of refill for P15.00! 

This brick-oven pizza tastes good!

After a refreshing break, Kib continued playing around.  He enjoyed the sand house, and tried riding the tractor and the truck. He even crossed the rope and tried the zipline.  Just seeing Kib having fun is enough for me that I did the right thing this Mother’s Day.

After running and playing around the play area, we then next tried riding the carabao cart.  It was a bumpy ride but it was worth it!  After that Kib rode the horse.  After the horse ride, Kib has still the energy to play inside the play area managed by Acacia Waldorf School.  Inside, Kib painted his own native hat, played with blocks and listened to the story.  His stay inside the play activity area is for free for an hour as part of the perks that he can enjoy since he has the bracelet.   While inside the play area, my mom and I had a chance to go around the shopping area again.  We didn’t buy that much from the shopping area because we were not in the shopping mood.  I just bought a bag of chia seeds from The Healthy Grocery.

Before going home, we refreshed ourselves by having snacks.  We also changed our clothes because we were really sweaty.  As we walk towards the exit, I saw my grade school friend’s family and they were enjoying the big obstacle course.  She also mentioned to me that her family also had a wonderful time at the farm.

As I drive going home, Kib is already asking me when the next Balik-Bukid event is.  He wants to go back there again!  Balik-Bukid is indeed a wonderful family event!

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