A Close Encounter with the Sea Turtles

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 18, 2014

It was my first time to drive going to Bataan last February.  I felt so accomplished!  This accomplishment inspired me to take it to the next level.  After a few hours of resting to our ancestral home in Bataan, I drove again going to Morong, Bataan to go to the Pawikan Conservation Center.  It is an hour drive from my mom’s hometown (Samal, Bataan).  The place is not so difficult to find as there were lots of directional signs going there.

When we arrived at the area, we paid P20 entrance fee.  We saw a sea turtle-shaped pond and there are two young sea turtles there.  One turtle can’t be released in the open sea because it has a hump.  It will remain afloat in the water which will make it susceptible to predators and poachers.  Good thing that we went there during the mating season so we saw baby sea turtles and eggs waiting to be hatched.  The Center releases baby turtles as soon as they hatch.  We were given an opportunity to release baby sea turtles that day.  Kib was so delighted to touch baby sea turtles!

Me driving on our way to Bataan

Welcome signage outside the Pawikan Conservation Center

Kib touching the sea turtle in captivity. Before, this turtle-shaped pond doesn't have a net, but visitors tend to carry the sea turtles which caused stress for them.

These are the two sea turtles in captivity, if I'm not mistaken, one is Olive Ridley and the other is the green sea turtle.  They are still young, around 5 years old.

This is the turtle that has a hump which can't be released in the open sea because it is always afloat.

The hatchery.  There were numbers written on the markers, I can't understand them, haha.  A relative of mine was lucky to see an adult sea turtle laying eggs on the seashore!  I wish I can see one too

These are the eggs that were hatched

Baby sea turtles!  They will be released the same day they hatched, usually at nighttime

3D illustration of the life cycle of a sea turtle

Poster showing different kinds of sea turtles

The beachfront

We were given instructions on how to release baby sea turtles.  We should release baby sea turtles at least four meters away from the shoreline.  This gives the baby sea turtles an opportunity to remember where they were born so that they will go back to the same place after 25 years.  As we walk towards the beach, Kib suddenly cries.  He felt sad for the moment that the baby sea turtles will be alone by themselves in the open sea.  He cried louder when he already released the baby sea turtles.  He just can’t stop crying while seeing the baby sea turtles walk towards the sea.  I just told Kib to pray to God to guide the baby sea turtles on their journey in the open sea. 

Kib still displaying his smile as he first held these two little sea turtles

As we approach the beachfront, Kib started crying

Just released the two baby sea turtles

Kib can't stop crying....



The baby sea turtles are now almost on the start of their journey in the open sea

I felt so happy for my son that he has sensitivity towards the things around him. I really want him to be exposed to animals so that he will grow up having a great love and concern for animals.

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