Teaching Life Skills

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 29, 2014

It is very important for me that a child learns how to do household chores.  At a young age, I already exposed Kib in doing chores since he doesn't have a yaya.  When he was younger, I always let him pack away his toys and put his shoes in the shoe room under our stairs. Now that he is older, I'm so happy that he also finds initiative in doing household chores on his own and takes pride on it.  We do gardening together, we wash cars, we clean the house (I sweep, he mops, he brings the trash outside the house), we do laundry (he sorts the soiled clothes), we cook (he peels vegetables), and other things.  I consider this as a bonding activity.

Washing his teddy

Peeling carrots. I really didn't teach him how to do this, but maybe he observed me and his lola on how we do it.  I got a bit scared because he also used a knife to cut the top portion of the carrot, good thing he didn't get hurt.

Sorting toys. Kib has lots of toys!  I'm convincing him to donate some but I guess he is not yet ready to let go of some of his toys.

Mixing. We made fruit salad on Christmas eve and he mixed the milk and cream.

Putting books on the shelf.  Kib likes reading. Before I was the one who always arranges his books in the shelf, but now I let him do that.

He acts as my personal secretary too whenever I'm driving! He's the one who reads and answers text messages on my behalf.

Kib's so excited to taste the veggie pizza. He volunteered to help!

Dishwashing.  At first Kib only likes to wash the glasses but I encouraged him to wash the other utensils.

For me there is no really such thing as too early for letting a child do any household chores.  Make it a fun activity, eventually your child will do it without you asking.   

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