Owning a Pet

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 30, 2014

I love animals.  I grew up always having a pet in our house.  We had dagang costa, chicken, dogs and even adopted a stray cat.  We had pet dogs for the longest time until the last one died in 2008.  

I also like Kib to have a passion for animals.  As early as a year old, I already started to expose him to different animals.  He had his first pet when he just turned a year old.  It was a hamster.  However, they died a week after because they're still babies when we bought them.

Kib posing with his pet hamster

In 2010, I bought Kib another pet, this time a rabbit.  We took care of the rabbit for more than a year before we let my aunt adopt it for awhile because we're going on a trip.  The rabbit grew as big as a cat.  My aunt told us that the rabbit died due to stress (their pet dog harassed Connie, our pet rabbit).  Kib was devastated to hear about the death of his pet.

Grown-up Connie played by Kib's cousin, Dash

On January 1st of this yeart, we had a trip at Las Farolas and Kib begged me to buy him a pet fish.  It was a blue fighting fish which he named Gil (but I call him Fishy for easy identification, lol).  Most of the time it was me and my mom who maintains Gil's mini-aquarium and Kib was just watching his friend.  We even brought Gil with us when we went to Bataan last February.  We just forgot about him when we went to Davao last March and got worried that we will be arriving home to a dead fish.  Good thing he survived four days.  However, on our last out of town trip during Holy Week, Gil didn't survive.  We were just gone for two days.  Kib was devastated.  He even blamed his Lola for not bringing Gil with us.

Kib happily posing for his new pet fish, Gil

We went home to a dead fish on Black Saturday.  Kib doesn't want to throw the fish away.  Lola was so kind to dig a hole in the garden to be Gil's resting place.  Look how sad Kib was.

We gave Kib the honors to bury his dead pet fish.

He even prayed to God to take care of his pet fish.

Now, we don't have a pet.  I'm thinking of another pet to take care of.  A turtle maybe? I want to have a pet dog, but Kib is afraid of dogs. On the other hand, Kib likes reptiles and amphibians.  Snake for a pet? Nah!  I will make another post about Kib's other animal encounters. 

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