Kib's Trick-or-Treat and Easter Egg-Hunting Experiences

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 30, 2014

Kib had his first Trick or Treat experience when he was three years old at Fun Ranch in Frontera Verde. He wore a cowboy costume then.  He was too young then to remember his experience on doing trick or treat.  He had another trick or treat experience at a preschool I used to work with but I wasn't able to take pictures because I need to look after my students too.  He wore a Zorro costume then. Kib's latest Trick or Treat experience was last year when Ginger Arboleda invited us for a trick or treat experience at Valle Verde 5.  

Kib was so excited about this event.  While we were stuck on the traffic, Kib was painting a picture on his mind on how the trick or treat will be. We came from auditions so I just let Kib change his clothes inside the car.  When we arrived at Valle Verde 5, Kib got excited to see a lot of kids dressed up!  We arrived late for the program at the Social Hall so Kib didn't get a chance to join the costume contest.

Right after the program, we headed off going to the neighborhood for trick or treat. There were some houses that really looked scary and Kib even cried when a nuno sa punso surprised him. Kib always goes first in line to get his candies while shouting 'Trick or Treat!'.  Some homeowners, instead of giving candies, they gave out treats like taho, ice cream, or balloons.  

After an hour of trick or treating, we headed off to Ginger's parents' house for dinner.  Kib went home with a big smile on his face and a bucketful of goodies.

Kib's first trick or treat experience. A cute little cowboy.

And of course, I also have to be in costume!  I'm a cowgirl!

Kib wearing his prince costume. He first wore this costume for a Valentine photoshoot (pretty obvious, it's red, haha)

Kib posing beside the candy buffet table at Ginger's house. So thematic!

This year, Kib had his first experience doing Easter Egg Hunting. I was just asking a friend about their Easter activities when she mentioned if we like to go with her since she has more slots available for the Easter Egg Hunting Party at Greenbelt 3.  I immediately said yes!

When I showed Kib the event poster, he got excited and I asked him to choose an activity.  So funny that he only chose the Easter Organic Market and not the egg hunting activities because he's afraid that he might not find any eggs, haha.  Anyway, I still encouraged him to do egg-hunting because I told him that his friends will do the same.

We arrived early at the venue.  The exhibitors were still setting-up.  We got our Easter Egg Hunting kit at the Greenbelt 3 concierge and after that we started with the egg hunting activity.  We went to different establishments around Greenbelt, asking for their stamps and goodies.  

After we have completed the stamps, we went back to the event area and the kids did some craft activities while resting and waiting for the program to start.  The kids were also entitled to some refreshments at the event hall too.

During the program, Kib actively participated on the games.  He won twice.  After the program, Kib has still energy to play at Timezone.

No matter how tired I may be from the event, the smile on Kib's face is enough for me to say to myself that I made my son's day.

The event poster and ticket

Two cute bunnies!  Kib is really posing as a bunny, haha

Bunnies at work! Getting stamps from participating establishments around Greenbelt

Bunnies having a stop near Gelatissimo enjoying their free gelato

Walking, walking....

Kib enjoying his free ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Easter Egg art using washi tapes courtesy of Hey Kessy

Polymer clay craft c/o Hobbes and Landes

Yey! We won a free parking ticket!

The finished product! A bunny keychain made from polymer

Bunny hand puppet courtesy of Ant's Pocket

My mom treated me with a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Kib actively participating in the games during the program

Part of the goodies from the Easter Egg Hunt was a gift certificate from Timezone.  I already let him use the gift certificate right after the activity

Group picture with my other mommy friends and Kib's co-bunnies. Photo courtesy of Millie Manahan

Thank you, Patricia Cuyugan, for the invite!  We had a blast!  Till next family get-together!

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