Another Challenge...Facing Consequences

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 03, 2012

Kib is growing up.  Sometimes I'm already having difficulty controlling him as he already makes his own decisions.  Since he is still young to be fully responsible with his decisions, I'm here to guide him so that he will make good decisions in the future.  

Kib is becoming complacent with his studies.  He plays in-between PACES which makes him finish everything longer than the usual.  There are times that I'm too swamped with household chores to fully monitor him while he studies so I want him to develop the habit of concentrating on his studies on his own without being reminded all the time.  This playfulness makes me lose my patience, thus, I have to reprimand him at times.  After I reprimanded him, I make him realize his mistakes and he fully understands the consequences that he has to face because of his misdoings.  There are times that he asks me not to remove his privileges but this time I have to be firm.  

Recently, I told him that he can only play with his favorite gadgets (PSP and iPhone) during non-school days.  He gets distracted with these gadgets during school days that even during meal times he plays with them; as a result, he finishes his meals after an hour.  

So far, so good.  He fully remembers this new rule.  He doesn't make special requests for him to play with these gadgets even after he finishes his studies.  As I write this blog, he is enjoying his PS2 privilege on weekends.  

I hope Kib grows up to be a responsible person.  I want him to learn how to prioritize things and have this desire to always achieve for good things and be determined to finish the tasks assigned to him.

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