Level 2, Yahoo!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 27, 2012

Kib started with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum last March.  He started with Level 1.  When I saw the lessons for each PACE, it is very easy for Kib.  I assigned 5 pages per day for each subject.  With the grace of God, we were able to finish Level 1 in July!  I didn't immediately bought Level 2 materials as Kib and I had a month-long review first of Level 1 so to make sure he understood everything and has retention.  First few days of review were both difficult for both of us as we easily get frustrated with wrong answers.  Eventually, Kib was able to adjust to the rules of review.

We officially started with Level 2 on August 27.  At first, Kib doesn't want to do it because the fonts were smaller than Level 1 and the texts are longer.  Jokingly, I said to Kib that he can read text messages on the phone so there's no problem about reading stories on his PACES.  For now, I'm assigning 3 pages per day so as not to be overwhelmed with his fast progress.  So far, Kib has already adjusted with Level 2 though there may be times that he will complain of its difficulty.  But once he understands the concept, he can answer the pages with confidence.  On his latest PACE, it already teaches him the basics of cursive writing.  At first he did it wrong but when I guided his hand on the correct stroke, he was able to finish the page on his own and continued with the succeeding pages.  

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