Kib's Diary

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 14, 2012

For his birthday, I bought Kib a notebook that will serve as his diary.  I wanted him to develop his creative writing skills as I lack it.  The notebook basically serves everything--diary, journal, jotting down important notes about our lessons, reflection on important events, story writing, etc.  I make sure that he always writes the date on top to carefully document everything that he has written down on his notebook.  

This is Kib's first journal entry dated July 12, 2012.  He enumerated the things we did for that day

Kib made a story about the tarsier.  I put the postcard of the tarsier from our trip in Bohol last March.

I let Kib draw the Philippine flag and write down the meaning of each symbols/colors in the flag.

We opened and counted Kib's money from his piggy banks and I let him write down how much his money is.

We experienced flooding last week and praise God, the floodwaters just reached up to our garage only.  I let Kib draw how the floodwater looks like.

This is Kib's diary.  It looks girly, though.....

I do hope that Kib will be a good writer someday, that is why as early as now I'm encouraging him to write down his thoughts and feelings. 

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