Homeschooling: A Family Bonding Activity

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 05, 2012

Homeschooling your child is not just an effort of the mother and child, or the father and the child.  Homeschooling is an effort given by the whole family, and it's a never-ending family bonding moment in your home.

In our case, my mother and my uncle are involved with my son's homeschooling.  Last year when I was working in a regular school, my mother served as a teacher to my son.  I just tell my mom what pages to answer and they answer it during the day and I just check them when I get home.  My uncle, he may not be hands-on in teaching my son but he is involved in encouraging him to finish his work.  Other relatives respect Kib's study time by not bothering him or tempting him to play or to go out.  

At first, my family was against homeschooling, but when they are seeing results from my hardwork, they eventually supported me and they also make themselves involved with my son's education.  

Homeschooling doesn't limit your ways on how to bond with your child.  In homeschooling, everything can be a learning opportunity and a moment for you to be close with your child/children.

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