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By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 20, 2012

Kib started with ACE curriculum last March and we are 75% done with Level 1.  There is a possibility that we will start with Level 2 by August.  Kib is enjoying his lessons, even making Ace (main character in the comic strip on each PACE) his friend.  Kib was able to know more about God and he even shares to us what he had learned from his PACEs.

I don't worry about class suspensions due to typhoons since Kib is homeschooled.  Kib is never absent from his classes as class schedule is very flexible.  Kib can finish his lessons in two hours but may extend for five hours if Kib is tempted to play in-between lessons.  Kib can study anywhere inside the house.  He may answer lessons while lying on the floor, sitting on the staircase, on top of the bed, or even on his own study table.  Kib may choose whatever subjects he want to finish first without worrying about time limit per subject.  

I'm loving the portability of homeschooling.  While me and Kib were waiting for the boarding time at the airport for our short vacation last March 2012, I let Kib answer some of his PACEs there.  When we had to stay in Bataan for a couple of days because a relative passed away, I let Kib answer his PACEs at daytime when there were no visitors.

It may seem weird for some people, but for me I'm just making use of the time wisely ^_^

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