Why Homeschool?

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 22, 2012

I started homeschooling my son when he was three years old.  Two years of being an independent homeschooler and this is the first year that I enrolled him to a homeschool provider.  Some find homeschooling cute, some difficult, some weird, and some even criticize you for not letting your child "experience" the real world, but I have my own reasons of choosing homeschooling for my son...lots of it.

My idea of homeschooling came from my ex-husband.  He mentioned homeschooling during our normal conversations because "mag-aartista si Kib".  Then it dawned to me, "Oo nga noh?! Showbiz kids have no normal study hours."  So I find this reason "cute".

Way back 2009 I met a good friend of mine who is considering homeschooling for her daughters because of high tuition fees.  Then the idea of homeschooling popped on to me and I also mentioned to her my intentions of homeschooling my child.  So, she added me up to a Yahoo group (pinoyhomeschool) so I can learn more about homeschooling.  There, I learned how to start homeschooling my child, the legal aspects of homeschooling, and meeting homeschooling families whom I met some personally and shared information/resources.

When I'm already saying my intentions of homeschooling to my mom, I made it into a joke.  I said, "Magiging bayani si Kib, si Jose Rizal homeschooled yun, gusto ko magkaron sya ng monumento gaya ke Jose Rizal." Sounds funny, isn't it?!

Being a teacher by profession made me confident that I can do homeschooling.  If I can teach other kids, why can't I teach my own son, right?!  It'll also be a pride on my part if my son learned the basics from me (ehem, ehem).  It'll also build a stronger mother-child relationship as well.  On the other hand, since I'm a teacher and I know what a teacher does in school makes me also ponder that I may be a "monster parent" in school, up to the point of being "pakialamera" in school.  

I also worry about the school environment, the bullying by other kids and adults in school. I don't want to elaborate on this as I may offend some people here.  Period.

I'm also lazy going out of the house, if I enrol my son in a regular school, I need to bring him to school everyday. I don't want to entrust my son to a school service.  I need a flexible schedule since I ran errands for my parents and having a fixed schedule to and from school will make things difficult for me especially in budgeting time.

Family situation is also a reason why I chose homeschooling.  Currently, I am undergoing separation from my husband and having an incomplete family may be a source of insecurity of my son especially when the topic in school is about family.  

My reasons may not be reasonable for some, but when I got serious about homeschooling, I was so happy with the results.  

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  1. Kudos to you mommy for homeschooling your son! :) I plan to homeschool my daughter too!

    - Kat

    1. Thank you so much! Pray to God if homeschooling is for you. Homeschooling is not just a decision made by impulse; it should be led by God and your decision should also not be swayed with the trend. You should also prepare yourself for whatever negative things people will say against homeschooling. God bless you on your decision-making =)