Taking the Ateneo Prep Test

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 23, 2012

Ateneo Prep Test is one of the most dreaded big school entrance test of parents (next to UPIS Prep Test, maybe).  They say it is not just a simple entrance test;  the proctor also assesses the child's EQ during examinations.  It is not enough that a child is smart; he must also exhibit attentiveness and ability to follow directions.  It doesn't give a child a foot ahead if his parents graduated from the said school or he has a sibling who is currently studying in Ateneo.  

It is every parents' dream that their child will be able to study in a prestigious school like Ateneo.  I also like my son to attend Ateneo simply because I graduated from the neighboring school (by the way, I studied college and post-graduate studies at Miriam College).  I like my son to attend Ateneo in the future, but not now.

I let Kib take the Ateneo Prep Test just to assess if he will pass or not, but not really having an intention of enrolling him there.  As part of our preparation for the said exams, I let him answer some test reviewers which includes, analogy, sequencing, story comprehension, substitution, and association.  I also gave him some reminders to listen to the teacher and only do what the teacher will say.  

Days before Kib's exam day, I got sick...very sick.  I was only diagnosed the day before Kib's exams and was advised to be hospitalized (I had dengue fever).  I refused to be confined because I need to drive Kib to Ateneo the following day.

Kib's exams at Ateneo went smoothly.  It only lasted for 45 minutes.  They were given a gelatin as a reward.  Kib didn't let me open the gelatin there because the teacher said that they should eat it at home.  We were given a small piece of paper indicating final reminders for parents regarding the release of the results of the exams.  We will receive a mail or give Ateneo a call for the results by October 2011.

I just called Ateneo for the results because our postal mail system here is not very efficient.  Correspondences always come in late.  I was so happy to know that my son passed the Ateneo Prep Test.  It's really a pride on my part too that even if he doesn't have any formal schooling yet, he was able to nail it.  There were regular schooled kids who weren't able to pass the test.

But we have to give our slot to others.  As I've said awhile ago, I just let Kib took the Ateneo Prep Test for assessment purposes only.  So proud of my little boy passing it and it's rewarding on our part, at least I can prove to others that homeschooling is effective.

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