Sing, Spell, Read and Write

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 23, 2012

I first learned about this reading curriculum when I was still teaching in a regular school.  I find this curriculum very effective in terms of teaching a child how to read and write and I read a lot of reviews about this both from regular school teachers and homeschooling parents.

And, my search for this kit is on....

I know that it is locally available in the Philippines but I don't know where to purchase it.  I looked at the Internet and all I can see are US version which is a bit pricey.  I was asking my brother to buy one for Kib but he doesn't want to get one because it's expensive =(

I went at 31st Manila International Book Fair in 2010 to look for books that me and Kib can use for our homeschooling adventure.  I was so happy to see different publishers and bookstores selling different kinds of books, from workbooks to storybooks to references to curriculum packs.  Seeing curriculum packs being sold by several distributors, my quest for Sing, Spell, Read and Write was awakened.  I rounded up the whole convention center for several times to look for this kit.  On my last round, I was able to glance upon this kit and without hesitation, I bought the kit for P5,000 (I already forgot the actual amount).  C&E Publishing, Inc. is the authorized distributor of this kit here in the Philippines.

The package contains storybooks, workbooks, flashcards and posters. The only missing from the US version are the reward tokens.

The storybooks are written based on phonics.  There are 17 storybooks and 3 workbooks.  First workbook is for the basics, learning how to write the letters of the alphabet and learning the letter sounds.  The other two workbooks work hand-in-hand; you do the Raceway Book first for the phonics/vocabulary enrichment; second, read the storybook and last, answer the Assessment Book for story comprehension and word review.  Right now we are on Book 16, almost done with the pack, yahoo!

Kib and I started with the first workbook (Off We Go) in November 2010.  We finished the book 
in February 2011.  Before I introduced reading to Kib, I make sure that he has mastered the basic letter sounds.  On May 2011 I started teaching Kib how to read CVC words.  So happy he was able to master reading CVC words in two months!  Kib's reading ability is far better than the average.  Watch the video of Kib reading a book.

This is where Kib read a story.  You can see the letter sounds that can be learned from this book.

The kit is still in good condition, even the workbooks.  What I did is I photocopied the workbook so that I can share (or even sell) the kit to my friends after I have used it.

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  1. Hi! You are doing a great job with your lessons! Keep it up!


  2. How have you like the curriculum for the remainder of the year? I am looking at "biting the bullet" and purchasing the package. Are you ready to sell yours?

  3. Hello momma, is this the imported edition? or the local? I'm also looking for this kit kasi :)

    1. Hello there! This is a local version, but from what I know CEM has not renewed its license (or the other way around) to reprint Sing Spell Read and Write. I think they still have something on stock, better to inquire with them =)

  4. Hello momma, is this the imported edition? or the local? I'm also looking for this kit kasi :)