School of Tomorrow--Our Homeschool Provider

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 25, 2012

I wanted to go on being an independent homeschooler forever, but if I have decided to mainstream Kib in the future, schools will look for some documents from me which I may not be able to present to them.  As a result, Kib may not be accepted by some schools =(

With this predicament, I am forced to look for a homeschool provider so that Kib will have an affiliation should I decide to enrol him in a regular school in the future.  For the past two years of being independent, I have been doing researches for the homeschool providers here and abroad.

Then I came across Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program (  Being a graduate of ACE (in a school setting), I got excited to learn that ACE can also be applied in a homeschool setting.  So, I started emailing them, inquiring about the homeschool program.  I gave my brother's address in the United States and they sent a DVD containing information about their curriculum.  At the same time, they have rerouted my inquiry to their accredited provider here in the Philippines (  All my questions have been patiently answered by Miss Remia Camacho.

The DVD sent to me were very helpful, it contains information about ACE curriculum and the advantages of homeschooling

Then last March 2012, we went at School of Tomorrow for Kib's assessment.  I was so happy that he is qualified for Level 1 but we have to go back one week after because there is a need to reassess Kib's handwriting.  After the reassessment, I already paid the tuition and went back after two days to pick up the PACEs.  We're ready to start the school year!

School of Tomorrow has an open enrollment scheme, meaning you can enroll anytime of the year and start anytime of the year.  One must only remember their anniversary (in our case, March) for the enrollment for the next school year.

So far, Kib is doing well with the curriculum.  We're already halfway through Level 1 and he can immediately start with Level 2 should we finish before March.  He loves Ace so much (he is one of the characters on each PACE) and he can easily remember the stories.  He learned a lot about God and he always say that he loves God.  The challenge that we are having right now is reading passages in Filipino (he can understand Filipino but he speaks funny).

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  1. I'm happy Ms. Donna for Kib's progress in school! I hope that you'll continue to improve your homeschooling.